My name is Charles Eliot Pierce III, but I prefer to just go by Eliot. 

Currently, I am working at GLG as the SVP of Product on the Council Member side of the platform.

Previously, I started a small professional services firm called Bloomvale which helped CEOs and their senior management develop growth strategies. The majority of my clients were in FinTech and Media.

Previously, I was the Chief Product Officer of the New Republic where I spent a little over a year trying to turn that illustrious and infamous publication around, and was bummed that it was cut too short. (Perhaps the results of the 2016 election would have been different.)

Prior to the New Republic, I helped companies grow their revenue and audience by focusing on developing amazing products. I worked for Bloomberg for a quick year helping them develop and launch Bloomberg Politics and With All Due Respect.

I founded a small company Golfslope which helped golfers play private golf courses and created a new revenue stream for private golf clubs and generated incremental revenue for charities. 

I worked at The New York Times for nine years on a wide variety of their digital initiatives — email, crosswords, paid content, business development, strategy and ad operations.

Personally, I live in New York with my wife Torrey, and two our daughters Alice and Summer.

Athletically, I ran the NYC Marathon twice in 2010 and 2011, and climbed Denali, aka Mt. McKinley, in 1994 with NOLS. I am a passionate golfer, skier and boogie boarder.

Finally, for what it is worth my last name is pronounced “Purse”. While I will always introduce myself as Eliot "Purse" I will never correct someone if they call me Eliot "Pierce," like when you get your ear pierced.

If you have gotten this far, send me a note and say hi.